What people had to say about just Session 1 of the Miracles Teleworkshop

Below are unso­licited mes­sages from people who par­tic­i­pated in Ses­sion 1:

Hello dear Art, thank you so very much for your assis­tance to all of us — soo very won­derful. thank you sincerely

feeling better and better all the time during this call and all the ques­tions are helping release more…! thanks for all the wisdom you bring.…

I agree with Kathy. You are a wonder …. Your gen­erosity in sharing your gifts is and has always been amazing.

Art, Thank you so much for a won­derful ses­sion. You are a blessing! Namaste,

Thank you again for sharing your gifts with us, Art. My life is enriched by your efforts. Peace & bless­ings always.

Thank you so much! Amazing experience!

Won­derful. thank you Art. These processes are incred­ible and the energy tonight was so pow­erful. Most of the pain is now warm heat in my spine now.   Next time I’m back in London I’ll be sure to come to one of your sess ions. Can’t wait!

I have been expe­ri­encing a lot of sore­ness and dis­com­fort in my neck and shoul­ders. Using the mag­nets really helped to clear this out. I almost feel brand new… Thanks for the reminder about how to start and end each day.

Won­derful! Just had a great release of energy. Thank you so much!

I find your energy work amazing. I have been using off and on yourCD. This work­shop has reminded me to keep up the work and you’ve given some dif­ferent twists from that CD. Thank You!!

Fan­tastic ses­sion today. I was in no shape to speak at the end of it. When you first opened up to do the clearing on the energy cen­ters, I expe­ri­enced this bril­liant white-​​yellow light–all encom­passing as if I was in the middle of it. I also felt the space behind the eyes open up for the first time ever. I had pre­vi­ously no aware­ness of it–an ener­getic nettie pot.

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