Integrating Your Authentic Life Purpose Into Your Daily Life

“Every person knows intu­itively that his or her expe­ri­ence somehow mat­ters… each person senses now and then a  pri­vate pur­pose, and yet many are filled with frus­tra­tion because that inner goal is not    con­sciously known or clearly appre­hended” Seth (Jane Roberts) in The Nature of the Psyche

Do you feel that your life, your daily activ­i­ties, are a
mean­ingful expres­sion of your life purpose?

* How often during the day do I feel that my activ­i­ties are an expres­sion of my life pur­pose?
* How often am I doing things that seem dis­con­nected from my life pur­pose?
* How often do I feel that I  am doing things that vio­late my  life pur­pose?
* When I am  chal­lenged or stressed, do I stay con­nected with my life purpose?

This  work­shop is  for people who are inter­ested in their per­sonal, finan­cial, and spir­i­tual development:

  • You will remove blocks to knowing your life purpose
  • Strengthen your con­nec­tion to your inner wisdom and spirit
  • Bring your life pur­pose into your daily activ­i­ties, work,  and relationships
  • Have a deeper sense of meaning in your life.

Topics include:

  • What is life pur­pose? Were you born with it already formed? Is it some­thing you choose?  Can you change your life purpose?
  • What is the dif­fer­ence between authentic life pur­poses and uncon­scious psy­cho­log­ical needs that drive our lives?
  • The emo­tional, health, spir­i­tual, and finan­cial dan­gers in being dis­con­nected from your life purpose
  • How energy from other people (family, friends, society, co-​​workers, teachers) inter­feres with your con­nec­tion to your life purpose
  • How your con­scious mind, uncon­scious mind, body, spirit and soul may have pur­poses that con­flict with one another
  • The role of karma
  • The role of spir­i­tual contracts
  • Is  there such a thing as destiny?
  • Dif­ferent con­cepts of destiny
  • Living your life pur­pose and finan­cial success
  • The 12  ben­e­fits of inte­grating your life pur­pose into your daily activities?

You will:

  • Clear  uncon­scious and ener­getic blocks to knowing what your pur­poses are, and inte­grating them into your life.
  • Release karma
  • End “spir­i­tual con­tracts” (agree­ments you have with other people and groups) that limit your life and dis­con­nect you from living your life purpose.
  • Inte­grate your authentic life pur­poses into  your life.

The goal is to have a strong sense of your life pur­poses inte­grated into your daily activities.

“Your time is lim­ited, so don’t waste it  living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opin­ions drown out your own inner voice. And most impor­tant, have the courage to follow your heart and intu­ition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Every­thing else is sec­ondary.” Steve Jobs, co-​​Founder of Apple  Computer

This life changing pro­gram will be held in Sep­tember in London.

Date: Sunday, Sep­tember 26th. 10am-​​5pm

Loca­tion: Cen­tral London

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